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[Chinese shoes Network - News] China's Li Ning brand Why did not become Nike & nbsp; & nbsp; from the following aspects in which we can explore the reasons: ? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; has nothing to do with a number of well-known store First, historically, we and foreign Nike or Adidas gap. Adidas was founded in 1948, Nike was founded in 1972; and Lining Cheng stand in 1990, Anta was established in 1994. A single comparator from "age", we do not predominate. In addition, on how to create awareness for the sports brand awareness in China, "Li Ning" were the existence of errors, we have been using sales to build awareness. Therefore, China's sports brand is very concerned about the expansion of the number of stores, the main focus on multi-shop, the more sales, compared to the foreign brands, it is easy to overlook the quality of management level every single store and every product . Sports brand among the audience and other consumers are different, they do not look at the number of multi-brand store which went to buy their products, they pay more attention to product functionality, comfort and so these aspects. "shops plan" Actually, the domestic sports brands, more harm than good. First, in order to rapidly expand the number of stores, will inevitably an important factor in the location of some of these stores, the quality, the franchisee quality abandon, while Nike and Adidas is more emphasis on the quality of the store, for example, select a location, the standards of the shop, carefully sele cheap foamposites cted for the franchisee and the like. Express way will inevitably lead to a decline in quality and taste. Also, thousands of stores this figure refers mostly open in the country, in a foreign country Chinese sports brand shop handful, let alone influence. Olympic marketing is a "small minority" From the event marketing point of view, Nike and Adidas occupy the world's most influential commercial sports sponsorship. Needs to be emphasized is that the Olympics is not the world's most influential business events, can only be classified as a "small minority" tournament. In fact, in Europe, football, basketball, Super Bowl (Super Bowl) is the most popular and the most valuable business investment public sporting events. Just-concluded Champions League, Chelsea and Bayern ultimate showdown has attracted 160 million worldwide television viewers, statistics UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) shows that there are at least 220 countries, the audience watched the Chelsea and Bayern collision, watching the game reached a total television audience of about 300 million. 2012 This is by far the largest sporting events to attract viewers. And at the end of February, the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl a new game, also got the attention of 111 million television viewers worldwide. Chinese sports brands to participate in event marketing is still the majority remain in the "niche" event, in the European Champions League, the American Basketball League and other major sports events in Europe and Ame Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale rica these Sponsors and stadium, rarely watch to Chinese sports brand's shadow, while Nike and Adidas are completely occupied large and small sponsor these games. Because our sponsorship of sports brand can not occupy the mainstream international sporting events, so its influence in the world will naturally be weaker. for the design and development to pursue "ism" For the sports brand, is also important, it is put in money and time on research and development to be more enough. Foreign sports brand in order to develop a feature of a product, it may take 10 years to invest human, material and financial resources to research, by contrast, many domestic brands are more willing to pursue "ism." Liu Xiang in the just-concluded 2012 IAAF Shanghai Diamond League, with 12 seconds 97 won the championship, and created a world best this year; however, if you noticed the shoes on his feet and that body armor - - Liu Xiang by Nike for the design and development of boots, shirt campaign has been a major stadium, Liu Xiang mysterious weapon. Before the Beijing Olympic Games in Liu Xiang, Nike sponsored the competition for the equipment point of view, from the theoretical analysis, the set and strive to "light, drag reduction," the equipment will at least help Liu Xiang, the best by 0.02 seconds. Designers revealed that Liu Xiang to help realize the dream of defending the Olympic Games in Beijing, Nike's almost "all costs" designed set of equipment. Most sports brand in China is not only invested in research is not enough, investment in des Retro jordans for sale ign is also very limited. Hong Kong media reported recently, condition although many other domestic sports brand Li Ning is very generous to give agents, but agents who still complain, they say, each year the brands to their product styles are similar, basically not much Variety. Sporting spirit is very important what people choose to do their own brand spokesperson, Adidas and Nike signed all sports star. Not only that, they better place is a long-term culture spokesperson. Foreign sports brand focused on the endorsement of athletes from an early age, it may be the beginning of the athlete is not so red, but the brand finds this person, Huiyanshizhu, and to be concerned about and culture, which is a reflection of the spirit of sport, and this point just very critical. Or in the case of Nike and Liu Xiang as a reference, from the fledgling Liu Xiang, the Athens gold medal to Beijing out of the race, Liu Xiang, Nike has stood firmly beside. Liu Xiang successful, a successful method of packaging; Liu frustrated, have frustrated packaging methods. Liu Xiang, Nike never give up. In contrast, the domestic sports brand is very lacking in this respect, and even some brands is to choose a very red movie stars do their own brand endorsement, it is inevitable that some nondescript feeling. In addition, the country's overall level of strength on the growth of sports and sports brand influence improve also not to be underestimated role. Adidas and Puma from Germany, is well known that Germany is a traditional sports power; Nike from the U jordans on sale mens nited States, the level in the range of sports, not to mention the world. In this explanation, it is reasonable the. Like the food brands, like to eat McDonald's people are not necessarily because of its taste, many people are directed at "American culture" going for the sports brand of consumers, the "United States" and "Germany "It's two flagship backing of Nike and Adidas in the world naturally be sought after. China has so far, in internationally recognized mainstream sporting project is not power, strength is considered to be most concentrated in the "non-mainstream" project, which is also largely restricted Chinese birth rate Nike and Adidas. classic case "wine" plus "crying," the Nike model Nike 1972 formally established in less than 10 years time, in the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games for the first time surpass Adidas to become the nation's first brand sports shoes sales. Today, still sit tight in the global sporting goods market share in the highest throne. Nike explore successful Cheats, probably conclude that --- constant innovation and Costly marketing. Nike's predecessor --- Blue Ribbon Sports in 1972 was first introduced in the United States Olympic Cross Country waffle outsole for sports shoes --- NIKE. Nike sports shoes outside bottom of innovations brought a revolution to change the trend of running sports, the same year, many athletes have started using the Nike sports equipment. 1979, the man named Frank & middot; aeronautical engineer Rudy Nike brings air cushioning concept, this groundbreaking technology ma air jordan 11 space jam for sale kes sports shoes cushioning throughout life. The first use of patented air cushion technology Thaiwind NIKE running shoes born, Nike Air Nike brand to expand, but also makes the Nike sports shoes to become the world market leader. Classic Nike one by one. 190 g weight of Mercurial SL series, fast response, high toughness, and the entire section is extremely simple shoes, without the slightest superfluous design; soccer shoes, fans are called "Legend" Nike Tiempo Legend series, each generation will stimulate discussion and Follow boom; Nike T90 series is known to be the most lethal boots soccer field, it uses a unique shot-shield technology lets players achieve extremely precise shot at high speed; and Nike CTR360 series, the classic " Silver Steel "series, AF-1 series, Nike Jordan series and AW77 series and so on. Not only that, Nike's design also mixed with more emotional factors. Liu Xiang Nike running shoes designed, for example, not only a lot of high-tech elements, but also specifically to take care of the psychological implications --- Liu Xiang on their boots left a "adhesive tapes." Designers said that Liu Xiang, every game, like meditation, contemplation before the start, to catch uppers "adhesive tape" is the last before the start of a movement. "Liu Xiang is required to retain the tape. So, after from Athens, every pair of boots have retained adhesive tapes." Nike is expected, but it is more assertive. For example, with respect to the core technology of Adidas A3 "ambush" in the soles, Nike max air itself is a beaut jordan 3 katrina 2018 iful piece of external air, and "fly line" directly reflected in the Nike shoe, not only a new "technology", but also a new design elements. Adidas footwear marketing director Eric & middot; Litke had this to say: "Adidas designers in the design of sports shoes, do not know who the potential buyers is that it has been manufactured good shoes, but not enough. charming. " Nike's publicity also reflected spare no effort to promote their brands, and even said to be crazy. Only the 2011 fiscal year, Nike spent on advertising and promotion expenses amounted to as much as $ 2.448 billion, accounting for Nike income ratio of 11.73%. Nike's former marketing director of Scott & middot; Bedbury once recalled the situation in 1987 he introduced the Nike founder Knight advertising budget when, when asked to Bedbury advertising budget from $ 8,000,000 to $ 34 million, in order to make this budget is passed, he was ready for anything. However, Knight has made a Bedbury never considered the question: "how do we know the budget you have raised enough to use it?" The result, Nike's advertising expenditure that year reached an unprecedented $ 48 million. Since then, the company is full of the spirit of innovation in sports marketing has been to maintain spending billions of dollars in brand marketing style. In the selection endorser, Nike also go elite line. The hottest NBA players have been included Nike's. In addition, Li Na, Liu Xiang, Yi Jianlian, and rising star Jeremy Lin, etc. These great commercial value sports stars have been heavily Nik jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black e sign. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)this test shoe money - J WALL Home '' Adidas to draft the posture joined the Washington Wizards John wall, a join the alliance was Reebok sign, full of potential and madden physical, Reebok regarded as Allen Iverson era brand brother successor. In the new season is the first pair of shoes offering personal endorsement of Zig Slash, the momentum is very influential. Unexpectedly, this bag belongs to the best newcomer award was the injury of 09 champion Blake Griffin stopped hu. The next two season, John wall there is no obvious progress, collocation, the continued downturn in the exterior and low resistance capability makes one wonder, wizards are selected a physical parallel champion? In the face of overwhelming to the voices of skepticism, John Wall in the last year (13-14) season with all-around performance and attendance out of the race for his vindication. For the first time selected star team, won the slam dunk King's throne. The performance of John Wall's first two personal signature shoes to each other and the star I shine? Let KicksRC for you to bring the most complete J WALL Adidas evaluation analysis. weight (Weight):7/10by measuring the weight of the foot on the right foot of the US9 number is 395.5 grams. Although more lightweight mesh material is mainly used in the upper, but in the bottom of the soles of the feet adiprene+ in relative terms relatively massiness, so J wall overall weight flat. (size US9 single foot weight of 395. jordans on sale online 5 grams) grip (Traction):7/10J wall features in using the markings on the left and right asymmetry in the bottom of the outer, respectively, for the right foot on the west coast of the states map (words WA), left the east coast of the United States map (inscription LL). In addition to the map of the United States, before the end of the bottom, the back end of the other with similar lightning lines. Although the bottom line is full of signature shoe features, but the actual test grip effect is not very satisfactory, the overall test is very similar to the CrazylightBoost. On the indoor pitch, just start test showed better, once the action is large or is urgent stop jump shot, the feet to the occasional slip produced; in outdoor test site, once outsole began stick more dust, grip was significantly decreased, compared to indoor field's grip performance worse. If the shoes are fixed to the outdoor venues to play, it is recommended to clean up the sand after each kick, to ensure that the grip performance to maintain the basic level. (the bottom of the WALL J features the most unique, around the bottom of the foot combined to see, just a map of the United States) 〉Kanye West recently described as frequent appearances, in addition to the second quarter Yeezy upcoming clothing line, his wife Kim Kardashian also for her personal site plan and busy, the latest series of articles recently issued. You may wish to escape from the photos to find out, Kim Kardashian also specially invited renowned photographer Juergen Teller for shooting. I cheap air jordans n addition to Kim's personal photo, of course, no shortage of seeing & nbsp; Kanye West & nbsp; of the figure, both the body of the garment is also very felt, I do not know whether it will appear in the & nbsp; Yeezy & nbsp; in the second quarter clothing them, we still wait and see .2 month around the all star weekend, Basketball Adidas will once again for the ROSE D 6 launched a new home and away match colors. Presented in black and white and red and white two kinds of main colors, black away version has recently been on sale, and red home version will debut on February 6, priced at $140. Source: adidas from Baicheng city of Jilin province friend Li Zheng says to the author, their skin hormone where the market price of 450 yuan, their farms for seasonal skin listed and 07 years the trend is quite optimistic, I hold a favorable attitude, but the author's attitude and farms are essentially different. Because the price of raccoon 07 years will bring about a wave type process. . Psychological quality and ability analysis of farmers after training SARS in 2003, yesterday raccoon skin also sold more than 700 yuan, is a persistent effort, the news of the SARS, second days is not a man to fur. Good raccoon skin, don't say nobody wanted! However, although also suffered a market downturn, but this time, Taoyuan village of Hebei Changli farmers more calm, did not appear the phenomenon of a large number of killing raccoon village. I contacted Ms. Long Anxian from a farmhouse in Changli. She and I speak their views on the 07 years of rac buy cheap jordans online coon movements, an ordinary farmers can have a clear understanding and analysis ability of 07 years of raccoon market, our breeding workers to adapt to the extent of the market is greatly improved, but overall we still exist impetuous psychology. America "Warren" Buffett had a famous saying: only at low tide, you will know who is swimming naked. What he criticized then was the blindness of the old Americans. When the economic boom subsided, the noisy beaches left investors terrified and embarrassed. Now, this famous saying to watch those who dream by the raccoon dog people very apt get rich overnight. According to Long Anxian introduced, where they produced this year racoondog 1/3 do 1/3 retention, takeaway, 1/3 left the poor quality of the skin as a commodity. High profits are the source of the impetuous mentality of breeders. two. There will be no city results? After the pure white Ultra Boost Adidas exposure, and immediately brought Metallic Silver to design a new color for this pair of the strongest in the history of running shoes. This shoe body is composed of Engineered Mesh and a nylon material collocation, select the gray through the shoe body, followed by Ultra Boost marked by silver decoration, finally with full Boost corrosion epicenter bottom. adidas-ultra-boost-metallic-silver.jpg (51.39 KB, download number: 1) download adidas Ultra Boost Metallic Silver 2015-5-18 23:52 upload adidas-ultra-boost-metallic-silver-1.jpg (119.52 KB, download number: 1) download adidas Ultra Boost Metallic Silver 2015-5-18 23:52 upload adidas-ultra-boost-metallic-silver-3.jpg (106.14 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Ultra Boost Metallic Silver 2015-5-18 23:52 upload adidas-ultra-boost-metallic-silver-2.jpg (138.88 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Ultra Boost Metallic Silver 2015-5-18 23:52 upload adidas-ultra-boost-metallic-silver-4.jpg (104.88 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Ultra Boost Metallic Silver 2015-5-18 23:52 upload adidas-ultra-boos0since the sale in October 2014, XII LeBron has been on sale for the eight color, including the conference debut of the seven models and the Christmas World War ii. As for color master Nike, the beginning of 2015 also means that the release of more color. This black and red color presents LeBron 12 "court vision" may be used as starting in 2015 LeBron color, is the official release information is still unknown, at present there are a small number of samples appeared eBay sale. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: eBayThe day before the well-known German shoes shop together Afew Asics launched a joint retro running shoes, the two sides to Asics's classic Gel-Lyte III is modeled, it is reported that the shoes back in 2012 would have been created, with Japanese culture for inspiration, although from this spy photos first released, we cannot see it looks like, but feel from the custom box will be able to smell it. It is reported that the shoes will be sold on Afew in May 30th, and the interested friends may wish to pay attention to it.Air Jordan 1 " Gucci" upcoming 2013-12-08 22:44:28 Gucci brand classic red green color has been favored by the major brands, have been inspired by this source of product packaging design. Jordan Brand will be launched in the near future this Air Jordan 1" Gucci" from the Gucci red and green collocation used in the classic Air Jordan 1, noble and luxury has been perfect embodiment, like friends can expect it coming.Vans Half Cab "Croc Pack" recently released 2013-12-08 22:57:15, in the past five years or so, Vans has released several different crocodile skin patterns. This brings you Vans Half Cab "Croc Pack", this time in 2013 there are two versions, red and blue suede design, in this photo brought you can see that you will see this new product sold this month. 〈br shanghai,="" the="" conflict="" was="" stronger="" in="" 2017-11-18="" 12:36:09 in football culture, "Derby war" is always the most popular topic of fans. In the survey of world football, the enmity between many enemies in the city is just the antagonism between red and blue. At a time when the Shanghai team is two be quite different style for the same target eager for a fight. 11 October 19 and November 26th, the Shanghai port football club and Shanghai green Shenhua Football Club will jointly perform the final version of "Shanghai Derby" in the two round match between the host and the guest, and compete for the final trophy of Chinese football in 2017. Nike launched # Shanghai more for the more strong # brand activities, lit the two teams in the lofty sentiments and aspirations on the eve of battle of Shanghai, while encouraging, and even the country's fans to support the team. Shanghai, the more powerful the more! at Asia, a trend which cannot be halted wearing a red jersey of Shanghai on the Hong Kong Football Club in recent years the rapid development momentum, had the ambition to lock in the bigger stage, goal wins in asia. In the domestic arena, this young team's gorgeous, gongshiruchao. Facing the opportunity they win, a trend which cannot be halted. return to the wild glory more than "not crazy, not put not Shenhua" has become a blue robe of Shanghai green Shenhua Football Club, the most resounding slogan. This is one of the most profound football teams in China, and it is also the spiritual sustenance of countless Shanghai fans. The current war, they will get ready for battle, only to return to glory. What they have, far more than the wild. Nike Huaihai brand experience store upgrade customized services to stimulate the pride of fans 11 17 months ago, Nike Huaihai brand experience store launched cheer T-shirt custom service. The fans in the white T-shirt on according to their own support team in Shanghai on Hong Kong or Shanghai Shenhua green logo, and printed the corresponding color in front of the Shanghai conflict was more stronger ". will also be 〉

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