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Dr Nicholas Mabbott

Bachelor of Psychology, PhD.

Author – Beyond Midnight: The Wonder of Sleep


Dr Nick Mabbott is Director of Beyond Midnight Consulting and has over 25 years experience in sleep and fatigue management. He has provided fatigue management training and education to thousands of personnel from office workers to health, construction, transport, gas and mining sectors. He is exceptionally conversant in targeted fatigue risk assessments of companies and rosters, providing fatigue reports and controls to reduce the risk of fatigue incidents in the workplace. He ‘value-adds’ wherever possible so that clients often get more than they expect.

His research work and experience has illustrated that workplace fatigue is derived mainly from either poor quality or quantity of sleep. For this reason, he pays particular attention to individuals with sleep disorders or an inability to adjust to some of the work schedules or shiftwork.

Nick has over eight years experience with road safety research and implementation, and several years experience training Occupational Health and Safety in workplaces. He is the author or co-author of nearly 60 reports, articles or publications. More importantly, Nick listens to his clients and develops a thorough understanding of different client needs and tailors his training packages to suit any industry, organisation or group of people.