Face-to-face Solutions

Fatigue Risk Management Training

Face-to-face fatigue risk management training that is tailored specifically to suit any organisation in any field. The sessions are focused on the health, safety, productivity and wellness of individual employees and their families. Sessions can run from 2-hours to 3-hours or longer, dependent upon client requirements, time availability and production times. Up to 3 sessions can be conducted in one day. The information provided is the most up to date and contains research from 2020 in some modules. Attendees leave with a renewed focus on obtaining the correct amount of sleep and a keenness to explore better lifestyle opportunities. Contact us to find out more.


Wesfarmers Kleenheat has had a most productive association with Dr Nick Mabbott since 2013. Over the last four years Kleenheat have conducted 16 two-day Driver Forums nationally, where heavy vehicle drivers (employee and contractor) were bought together in a central location, along with other Operational staff. The primary aim of the forums was to improve driver safety and wellbeing. To assist in reaching this goal, a number of external and internal presenters delivered sessions on various subjects specifically targeting driver safety and wellbeing.

Dr Nick presented at all the two-day forums on Fatigue and Sleep Management, a session that always rated extremely well in the feedback from both drivers and other staff who were present. So much so that, as a result of good feedback, Dr Nick has also delivered his presentation to other teams in the WESCEF group.

Ian Coxon  Transport Compliance Manager

Fatigue Incident Investigation Tool

This package has been designed to assist incident investigators to determine if fatigue may have been a causal or contributing factor to an incident. It not only supplies the appropriate questions to investigate but provides a list of mitigating controls to put in place for any fatigue factors identified. Attendees must have undertaken an accident/incident investigation course previously. A workbook (26 pages – A4) is supplied to keep in the workplace for reference. The workbook contains information on the exercise to undertake in the training session. There is also a printable data collection tool and mitigation controls in PDF format. Contact us to find out more.


The incident investigation in-service was well-received by the Investigations Team as well as my DGO colleagues. I believe it hit the mark both personally and professionally, and we can definitely use the tool to our advantage in DG transport incident situations. We appreciated the examples that you gave and also the analysis you provided around personal circumstances that our staff presented to you in “real time”.
It was a pleasure to be taught the fundamentals of fatigue-related issues with a professional practitioner like yourself, Nick. Your background knowledge and currency of relevant research came through strongly – as did your passion for safety and personal growth. Once again, thanks for this seminar – much appreciated Nick.
Stephen Lane | Senior Dangerous Goods Officer | Dangerous Goods and Petroleum Safety, Resources Safety WA

Fatigue Risk Assessments/Audits

The Fatigue Risk Assessment is conducted utilizing the Beyond Midnight Fatigue Risk Assessment Tool, which encompasses Australian State and Territory Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes on fatigue management. The organisation supplies all relevant documentation regarding roster and shift arrangements, travel & commuting, camp facilities if used, health & wellness programs and other relevant information. A site visit and workshop further investigates documented strategies against current occurrences and procedures. A report identifies fatigue risk and the current status of control, recommends further controls and provides notes on how to implement the controls listed. Contact us to find out more.


In 2016 Phu Bia Mining engaged Dr Nick Mabbott through Beyond Midnight Consulting to review the fatigue management practices of its haulage operations in Laos. Phu Bia Mining own and operate a haulage fleet of 58 Volvo FMX 480 trucks in Laos. This fleet of over 200 drivers operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and travels in excess of 11 million kilometers each year.

Managing fatigue has always been challenging, especially in a developing country. Dr Mabbott’s review of our fatigue management practices was excellent. He provided us with a detailed report complete with numerous recommendations that we were able to tailor to meet our operational needs. We have been very pleased with the services provided by Dr Mabbott and Beyond Midnight Consulting and would not hesitate to use their services again if required.

Scott Morgan – Phu Bia Mining Logistics Manager

Health & Wellness

Sleep is one of the major risks to mental health and general wellbeing. As such, Dr Nick is sought for his presentations that enable people to better understand the important role sleep plays in health and wellness. From conference sessions to lunch & learns, Dr Nick has entertained and assisted thousands of individuals to be “The best version of themselves”Contact us to find out more.


I cannot recommend Dr Nick Mabbott highly enough. At the time in 2017 I was Chair of the NSW Mine Safety Advisory Council and we had engaged Nick remotely from Perth to review and advise on a proposed new NSW Mining Fatigue Guidelines. His initial work and advice was so good we arranged for him to attend in person in the Hunter Valley north of Sydney and run an all-day seminar for the Advisory Council members on the broader issues of what causes bodily fatigue and what personal and organisational steps can be taken to address it. It was one of the best workplace seminars I have ever attended. If it is about fatigue and Dr Nick Mabbott is not on your consulting or speakers list, then you haven’t got the A team on the job”.  

The Honorable Carl Scully – NSW Parliament 1990-2007. Held the ministerial portfolios of small business and regional development (1995), state development (1995), public works and services (1995–97), roads and transport (1997–2003), housing (2003–05) and police (2005–06).


Section 44 (WA Mining Only)

This package was developed at the request of a client who wanted a more practical delivery of information relating to an “Appointed Person” on a mine site. The training encourages Appointed Persons to understand their responsibilities, whilst not overwhelming them with information that is often forgotten immediately after training. The resource book provides detailed information on legislative requirements and where to find additional resources if needed. Contact us to find out more.


I’ve done Section 44 training three times before and this time I really understood what my responsibilities are. Your examples used made it relevant in each area and instead of bombarding us with information we would probably forget, you taught us how to recognise when we need the relevant documents and where to find them.

 Tony … Maintenance Workshop Supervisor – Solomon Mine WA.